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A name that is capable to cater the finest quality Silicon Materials, Aluminum Materials, Mining Machinery, Automotive Parts, and more, at reasonable prices, to customers worldwide...

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About Us

We are, Henan Minmetalseasat Industrial Co., Ltd., a diversified group company, that is famed across the globe. Some of the segments of our company are Refractory Division, Silicon Materials Division, the Rubber Division and the Mining Machinery Division. Owing to each one of these division we are proud to call ourselves as a firm that suffices requirements of Silicon Material, Mining Machinery, Aluminum Materials, and a lot more. We are a highly acclaimed company that has earned ISO 9001:2000 for quality management, ISO14001:2004 for the environmental management system and GB/T2800-2001 for maintaining management system for occupational health and safety. Today, we are famous in more than 50 countries for excelling at serving the best quality products at reasonable prices.

Business Segments

We are a proud group, under which functions Silicon Materials Division, Rubber Division Refractory Division, and a Mining Machinery Division.

Silicon Material Business

We have established Henan Minmetals East Silicon Industrial Co., Ltd. and Henan Lianbang Organic Silicon Technology Co., Ltd., in this division of works.

Aluminum Materials Business

We have incorporated two companies- Henan Shua New Energy Matergy Material And Technology Co. Ltd.,- so that we emphasize on manufacturing Aluminum Materials of finest quality.
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